Cyril Gordon

Born in France into a Jewish family, Cyril's parents divorced when he was two, and his mother took him and his little brother to San Francisco to live with their grandmother. After his Bar Mitzvah (celebration of manhood), his focus in life was redirected to partying. This hedonistic lifestyle continued into college at the University of California Santa Barbara where he studied Art. By the end of his sophomore year he was disillusioned with the party lifestyle and started searching for the meaning of life in various philosophies and religions (except for Christianity), as Jews are taught by the rabbis that Jesus is not for them. After studying with some rabbis in Jerusalem while on a trip to Israel to study Art, Cyril concluded that the Bible was Divinely inspired and became a Modern Orthodox Jew. He thought that he would find spiritual fulfillment in following the Mosaic law, instead, he was confronted with what a great sinner he was. After graduating from the College with an Art Studio degree, Cyril became a full-time artist in Emeryville, California. Even though he was a successful artist, he became more and more aware of a dark power that was trying to destroy him through self-destructive addictions, and that scared him.

Meanwhile, Cyril had started looking into Jesus following a vision of Him he had while in the desert crying out to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In 1993, Cyril met a true Christian who wasn't Jewish, but worshiped the God of Israel. She made him jealous for Jesus with a true faith he saw emanating from her and sent him some books about Jesus. These books showed Cyril how Jesus fulfilled the many Messianic Prophecies in the Old Testament, and after a visitation in a dream that showed him that it was TIME TO COME HOME, his eyes were open, and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Cyril was immediately set free from the sin that enslaved him and was radically transformed to serve the Lord Jesus with his whole being. Cyril's been a passionate evangelist ever since and has seen 100s of people come to faith in Jesus since his Salvation.

Presently, Cyril's married to another Jewish believer in Jesus named Rhonda since 1999. They have three children: Gabriella 21, Daniel 18, and Yoseph 14. His wife works as a part time counselor and teacher, while homeschooling their children. Cyril is presently doing front-line evangelism at Venice Beach and Huntington Beach.

Cyril Gordon

Jewish Outreach International (Southern California)


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Ministry at Venice Beach California with Cyril Gordon from Jewish Outreach International.

Welcome to my world. The deepest darkest part of Venice Beach California.

Preaching the gospel at Venice Beach.

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