Why don't Jewish people believe in Jesus?

Jewish people and others have many objections to the Gospel message. Here are some common objections people have with some answers.

We believe in one God, why do you believe in three?

Christians believe in one God who makes Himself known in various ways. Genesis 1:1 reveals God as the Creator, Genesis 1:2 reveals God as a Spirit and Genesis 3:8 reveals God as Person walking on earth. H20 is sometimes water, ice or vapor, but it is always H20. The word Elohim is used for God, but is in the plural!

How can a man be God?

A man can not be God, but God can indwell the body of a man. Isaiah 9:6 says the son will be called God. It also says His kingdom would be established now and forever.

How could there be a God with the Holocaust?

No one was more grieved about the Holocaust then God. Many people found Messiah Jesus during the Holocaust. If God didn’t intervene, many more would have perished.

How can a virgin have a child?

God can do anything, even impregnate a virgin. The Old Testament says the Virgin will be with child and this will be a sign in Isaiah 7:14. Orthodox Jews will argue the Hebrew word for virgin is Betulah and the word used here was Alma meaning young maiden. The problem with the Orthodox argument is that Betulah means something else then a virgin in Joel 1:8, and why would it be a sign for a young maiden to give birth? Even the Rabbis who translated the Old Testament into Greek, translated the word Alma to Parthenos which clearly and undeniably means virgin!

Jesus didn’t fulfill all the Messianic Prophecies?

Jesus fulfilled the Messianic Prophecies pertaining to His first coming, and He will fulfill the Messianic Prophecies pertaining to His second coming when He returns. Daniel 9 says Messiah would come before the destruction of the second temple. That has already happened so Messiah had to of come already.

If God is the father of Jesus, how can he be from David’s lineage?

Both Mary and Joseph are from the line of David, and that is why they went to Bethlehem the City of David to be counted in the census. Physically, Jesus is descended from Mary who is descended from David. Jesus is not the natural son of Joseph, but an adopted first born son who is entitled to all the rights of a first born son including his lineage from David.

Why isn’t there world peace?

Jesus came first as the suffering servant Messiah to atone for our sin and institute the New Covenant. When He returns as the conquering hero Messiah, there will be world peace. Even the Rabbis teach about Moshiach ben Joseph and Moshiach ben David.

How come Jesus is never mentioned in the Hebrew Bible?

The Hebrew word for Jesus is Yeshua (salvation) and appears over 100 times in scripture.

How come your Bible is different than ours?

All 39 books of the Old Testament are the same, but in a different order. Christians re-ordered the Bible so it is easier to study.

Why do we have to have a New Covenant?

Sinful man did not honor the first Covenant, so God instituted a New Covenant as prophesied by Jeremiah in chapter 31:31.

*For a more extensive study on Jewish Objections to the Gospel, read Dr. Michael Brown's Baker Books series, "Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus." Dr. Brown's Web Site

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