Rhonda Cromwick

I grew up in a Conservative Jewish home in Chicago and the suburbs. We went to Synagogue on the holidays and I also attended Sunday school. When I had my own children I started exploring some Temples etc. for them to attend. This never really went anywhere. My husband (who was raised Catholic) and I were having marriage problems and we were discussing separating. A woman at his job invited him to her church. He got saved and baptized. I started complaining to his mother in Boston that all he ever does is read his Bible. A couple that I was friends with in IL urged me to attend church with my husband Richard. I did and the love of the people started to win me over. The Holy Spirit started stirring my heart and I kept seeing Jesus, fish etc on the back of vehicles. All were shocked when I mentioned in March of 1997 that I wanted to get baptized. That was the spiritual battle of my walk. Long story. After that I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. I haven’t looked back since. Our marriage was restored as we were now equally yoked!

Rhonda Cromwick

Jewish Outreach International (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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Jesus Loves You

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